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ERP Project Manager 2

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Required Skills:

Job Description

ERP Project Manager 2 for a period of 18 to 24 months

1. A minimum of eight (8) years of experience in successful (preferably municipal) ERP Project Management with various components of ERP systems such as financial and accounting management systems, procurement, inventory management, work order management, HR Administration, preferably SharePoint and construction management systems such as e-builder integrations
2. Demonstrated competence in sustaining project timelines, schedules, and critical path analysis with all affected parties
3. Ability to work with key staff and vendor staff to establish performance targets, track progress, and create concise reporting through various means (i.e. electronic, database and Gantt type project management tools)
4. Experience and knowledge in project management and leadership, preferably in a municipal setting
5. Effective communications skills, and interpersonal skills, with ability to clearly report on plan implementation progress, and motivate staff to follow the timelines, report progress, and adapt and adjust as required
6. Ability to communicate with staff in both teams and individually, and to collaborate to establish the objectives, action steps and critical path timeline for each goal
7. Ability to commit full time to this project for approximately 18 to 24 months
8. Experience with projects for organizations
9. Strong ability to keep staff teams focused on goal attainment within conflicting time parameters
10. Ability to quickly gain a solid understanding of several complex and significant documents including the Statement of Work, Master Consulting Agreement, Work Order, and Licensing Agreement related to the ERP, as well as other indirectly related and overlapping plans or documents
11. Ability to work in the dynamic municipal environment, with an understanding of the nuances and challenges within a municipal setting


1. Understands business and technical objectives of the ERP project and works closely with project sponsor
2. Create the project charter and work plan and track budget and schedule progress via appropriate metrics
3. Define project roles, responsibilities and create project communication plan
4. Work with contractor to finalize requirements document and develop an RFP SOW, technical specification, processes and workflows
5. Gain a complete understanding of the objectives of the project including the timeline, budget, and outcomes anticipated
6. Work with senior staff responsible for various stages of the project to accomplish objective(s)
a. Identify and obtain needed resources (personnel, equipment, supplies, training, consulting services, etc.) i
7. Maintain continuous communication with the implementer project manager and staff to ensure project deliverables are met, remain on-time and within budget
8. Monitor progress on project timeline and address missed targets/benchmarks immediately to avoid significant project delays
9. Periodically attend staff meetings to ask questions, gain knowledge, and provide feedback.
10. Provide oral and written reports as needed
11. Documents project risks and develop and update the mitigation plan
12. Create project plan to maintains tasks, schedules, estimates, and status, and disseminates information to project sponsor and other entities as directed by the project sponsor
13. Creates a structure and organization for the management of a complex environment with emphasis on quality, productivity, and consistency
14. Sets deadlines and assign responsibilities as directed by the project sponsor
15. Monitor and summarize progress of project, preparing reports for project sponsor regarding status of project

Tags: finance, manager

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