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Telecom Coordinator (607732)

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Required Skills:

Job Description

Responsibilities Include:
– Identifying connectivity (broadband and cellular) challenges within individual State parks – this includes travel to Parks and meetings with Parks staff.
– Researching customer survey results in regards to connectivity challenges and researching current solutions in other states.
– Coordinating meetings with Park staff and connectivity providers to identify solutions to connectivity challenges.
– Working with DCR IT, State Parks Administration, and DCR Administration Division to identify funding sources for solution implementation.
– Providing Short term and Long term written connectivity solution business plans per Park with associated projected expenses.
– Prioritizing connectivity needs and projects.

– Work with Vendors on and off the VITA state contract for new products and implementations.
– Work with ILEC and CLEC on Trouble Tickets related to Telecom outages.
– Review telecom bills monthly for accuracy and to identify cost saving opportunities.
– Coordinate meetings between vendors and DCR IT Staff to discuss connectivity solutions.
– Advise agency staff on new state contract telecom offerings.


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